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Alternative Therapies to Treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Published on 18th December 2018
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Alternative Therapies to Treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

If you are experiencing chronic severe pain that can include stabbing, burning, stinging discomfort, there may be a benefit to exploring complex regional pain syndrome treatment.

severe pain in back

While there are no specific tests or cures for complex regional pain syndrome, there are alternative treatments. Some of the most successful treatments include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and natural treatment. The diagnosis for complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is made after an extensive medical history and physical exam by a physician.

Complex Regional Pain

Pain in the arm or leg without apparent causes is called several names in the medical community—causalgia,
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Therapies Involved In Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Treatment

  • Physical therapy including specific exercises to the affected limb or area of the body.
  • Heat therapy applied to the affected area.
  • Application of topical analgesics such as capsaicin cream or lidocaine cream or patches.
  • Taking vitamins, such as fish oil, to relieve inflammation.
  • Adjustment to current diet to reduce foods that cause inflammation.
  • Gentle exercising such as yoga to reduce pain to tissues and joints.

severe pain in back

Common Medications Used In the Treatment of CRPS

  • OTC or over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen.
  • Corticosteroids to reduce inflammation.
  • Anticonvulsants or antidepressants to assist in treating nerve damage.

severe pain in back

Managing And Dealing With Chronic Pain Day To Day

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be difficult for family and friends to understand. Including family members in your physician visits and sharing information about the condition can be helpful. Chronic pain can affect mental health so always share any concerns with your physician about frustrations and depression issues in dealing with CRPS. Some of the other ways of dealing with CRPS include:

  • Staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest.
  • Connect often with family and friends.
  • Continue with hobbies and interests.
  • Join a support group to share experiences and concerns with others diagnosed with CRPS.
  • Breathing and meditation exercises to alleviate depression and anxiety related to pain.

severe pain in back

Complications to CRPS if not Treated Early

When the symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome are ignored and not treated early, severe complications may occur such as:

  • Atrophy of the affected tissues such as deterioration of the muscles and tissues due to nonuse.
  • Muscle contractures or tightening such as fingers and toes in a fixed painful position.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome has no specific treatment or cure but can be controlled and minimized by using some of the suggested alternatives. Finding the right combination of therapies and medications can be of great assistance when dealing with the chronic pain involved with CRPS.

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