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Patient Testimonials

All of the testimonials that you find here are based on the real-life experiences of patients. Your personal experience may vary. This information should not take the place of actual medical advice.
Consult a doctor before you make any kind of medical decision pertaining to your health.

The staff was very professional. The doctor was in tune with my conditions and offered appropriate remediation to consider.

Michael Sydnor from Google 10th February 2020

Dr. Ghauri and his staff are kind, considerate, patient, respectful, and polite. Dr. Ghauri is very smart and knows the latest the greatest and he knows how and when to wield a needle.  I hate needles.  Always have and always will.  But he is AWESOME. I trust him with the needle(s).  And his assessments.

Laura Morrison from Google 22nd January 2020

I highly recommend Dr. Ghuari. He listened to my symptoms, asked me questions, examined my neck, then offered me a comprehensive plan of care that included muscle relaxant for short term relief while I wait for insurance authorization for the interventional procedures. He also suggested physical therapy. He sat and watched two short videos with me on the planned procedures, and then answered my questions. He also sent me home with written materials on the procedures. He was very thorough. He and his staff are all polite and helpful.

H. Komons from Healthgrades 13th January 2020

Dr. Ghuari is extremely thorough with his healthcare approach to not only my pain and it's source, but my body as a whole. He listens and is very attentive, always keeps me aware of his treatment approach, and his staff is courteous and checks in after procedures. As a whole, I feel blessed to have Dr. Ghuari treating my complex conditions and on my team.

Rhonnalynn Gingell from Google 23rd December 2019

Dr Ghaurri was so nice and polite he explained the procedure to me very well.Staff was so nice and cooperative.I highly recommend dr Ghaurri.May God Bless him!

Zareen Nawaz from Facebook 12th November 2019

Polite and professional my first office experience was excellent. The wait time was no even mentionable. The Dr l saw was very easy to talk to and helpful.

Judith L. White from Facebook 31st October 2019

Great. Doctor. He listen to you And recommend the. Best. Treatment. For. Your. Problem I definitely. Recommend. Anybody. To go see him

Hector C. from Google 8th October 2019

I was recommended to Dr Ghauri by another doctor, because my current pain management doctor was retiring. This transition was very scary for me, mainly because of how my current pain managing medication effects my everyday life. I know my body, my limits and my everyday struggles to function better than anyone. My fear was that a new doctor wouldn’t understand me, would try to push new ways of managing on me, change my meds or refuse to care for me the way that has been proven to work. I immediately felt very comfortable talking to doctor Ghauri on my first visit. He sat down with me, reviewed my history and gave me his thoughts. I’ve been seeing him now for over 6 months and I’m pleased with our relationship. His staff is super helpful and friendly as well. Appointments are easily made, and communicating with the staff via patient portal ensures your questions are seen and answered quite quickly. The waiting room, patients rooms and bathrooms are also very clean. I highly recommend Dr Ghauri and his staff to anyone in pain and seeking pain management relief, I’m confident he can help!

Carry H from Google 1st October 2019

Very kind professional staff. The Doctor actually finds ways to get to the root cause of the pain rather than throw pills at the problem forever.

Carolyn S. from Facebook 10th September 2019

Relief of pain is the name of the game and Dr. G delivers! What more do you need to know? He is professional, courteous and caring. Amen!

Robert K. from Google 3rd September 2019

Dr. Ghauri is a very caring & compassionate physician. Honestly, I couldn’t make it w/o the help that he gives me. Thanks!

Judi S. from Facebook 30th August 2019

My experiences at SAPNA are always exceptional. The offices are quiet, pristine and very welcoming. The staff is personal, gracious and informative. I feel fortunate to have Dr. Majid Ghauri as my physician. His manner is quiet, patient and caring. Dr. Ghauri explains in detail and ensures your understanding of all procedures and after-care. In addition to pre-appointment reminders, there are always follow-up telephone calls to monitor your well-being following procedures as well as written materials for post-procedures along with a full description of your office visit via Patient Portal. When I began at SAPNA, I was unable to stand erect or to walk unassisted. SAPNA has cured me of both these conditions and has kept me mobile for more than a year. I wholeheartedly recommend SAPNA, without reservation!

27th August 2019

I have been seeing Dr Ghauri for about six months now and he is amazing! I received the pain shot injections and have always had a pleasant experience. I have recommended Dr Ghauri to all my friends & family

Julie N. from Google 21st August 2019

I would like to share my experience and let te people know how great That place is. All stuff is so helpful and very attentive to all patients-needs, especially the office manager very very helpful lady. Doctor is very knowledgeable and pacient, he answered all my questions that I had and made the plan of my future treatment.

Highly recommended
Ksenia I. from Google
17th July 2019

Dr Ghauri is an excellent doctor! He listens to you and always discusses options that he thinks will work best for you. Even if he doesn’t succeed the first time, he always continues his efforts until he gets your pain to a manageable level. If you’re looking for one of the best pain management docs in Northern VA then Dr Ghauri is it. Just my opinion but, I believe you’ll have the same opinion after seeing him and letting him perform his magic.

Jeff J. from Google 7th July 2019

Dr Ghauri and his staff are always great. They are very professional and he really cares about your situation and your personal well being. I have always been educated and allowed to choose the treatment that I was most comfortable with. I think it is super important to have a doctor that cares about your actual quality of life and takes the time to listen to your concerns. Dr Ghauri has allowed me to explore other treatments for my pain and I feel he has always been on my side. I have tried many different treatments to help with my leg amputation and back issues. He helped me find a program that actually works, doesn't over medicate and helped me get back on my feet, literally. I can't say enough about this practice and am very happy with their help. I would recommend this practice to anyone that struggles with pain. Dr Ghauri will help you get your life back. Can't say thanks enough. 10/10, 5 stars, 100%

Gabe G. from Google 28th June 2019

Spine & Pain is fantastic they have been helping me for 2+ years and the doctor is one of best and respectful people I know the big plus is that he genuinely listens and cares for all his patients and his staff as well are excellent I have never had a bad experience if your looking for someone to help you out and to make sure what needs to happen happens this is the place fantastic all the way I would give 10+ stars if I could.

Micheal P. from Google 9th May 2019

Staff very helpful. Doctor very thorough and nice and honest. Would recommend anyone to.come here.

Melanie B. from Google 8th April 2019

Dr Ghauri has been the most effective, driven, compassionate doctor I've EVER had. He truly cares and will try anything to help you. His staff is young, also driven and break their necks trying to help their patients in anyway..... Highly recommended for patients who want to actually get relief and not pills shoved down their throats!

Tyler P. from Google 3rd April 2019

Dr. Ghauri was a very concerned doctor who cares about all aspects of my health. My mental and physical needs where equally important to him. He made me feel safe and like I could trust him with treating me.

Elise P. from Facebook 11th March 2019

I was in a really bad car accident at the end of 2017. I went to physical therapy and several doctors to help with the pain. No one was really giving me treatment. They just put a band aid on it. Dr. Ghauri was the first doctor to suggest ablating the nerves. He really listened to me and believed in me. He took the time instead of just dismissing me. Because of that, my pain has decreased significantly (even though I will probably need those procedures for my lifetime). I’m able to run again, work on things outside, take long walks, and sit at a desk at work. Something I was
unable to do for more than a couple of hours. I’m so thankful for him and his team. His team is very kind and always on top of everything. I can’t imagine going to anyone else. He is now working on my endometriosis pain (something I’ve had since I was a teen). He really can do it all.

Amanda R. from Facebook 27th February 2019

Dr Ghauri is the most professional and driven doctors I have ever met, he genuinely cares for his patients and will try anything to help them. His ENTIRE staff has been nothing but INCREDIBLE through these rough times I've had with chronic pain.

Tyler P. from Facebook 25th February 2019

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