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Tips for Finding a Pain Management Doctor in Maryland

Published on 18th April 2024
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Pain doctors in Maryland can help manage any type of pain effectively by developing a treatment plan that fits your needs.
Tips for Finding a Pain Management Doctor in Maryland

Table of Contents

  1. Tips for Finding Pain Specialists
  2. Give Careful Thought to Your Choice

Pain, especially chronic pain, negatively impacts the quality of life. Pain forces people to avoid doing some activities they enjoy, interferes with work, causes sleep disturbances and leads to mental stress. A 2023 National Institutes of Health study found that 21% of U.S. adults are living with chronic pain, and another 8% are living with high-impact chronic pain (HICP). High-impact chronic pain is pain that limits activities every day or most days for three months or longer.

Fortunately, pain doctors in Maryland can help manage any type of pain effectively by developing a treatment plan that fits your needs. The first step is finding a center for pain management in Maryland that offers a variety of treatment options because each patient has unique needs.

Tips for Finding Maryland Pain Specialists

Following are 10 tips for finding a pain management center.

1. Get a Referral

There are several sources of referrals you can trust. One is your primary care physician. The primary care physician is knowledgeable of your medical history and medications. Another source of referrals is family and friends who have used a Maryland pain and spine clinic with good results. A third source is local pain support groups or online pain support forums. Asking people living with and managing pain to share resources like pain physician recommendations can produce trustworthy results.

2. Consider Physician Credentials

Qualified pain and spine specialists of Maryland are board-certified and have completed specialty medical training. Check the credentials of the pain management doctors, like specialized certifications, to identify the specialists with experience in treating various types of pain.

For example, at Spine & Pain Clinic of North America (SAPNA) spine specialists Dr. Majid Ghauri and Ashraf Sabahat provide pain medicine diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Majid H. Ghauri, M.D. has been:

TOP DOC Northern Virginia Magazine 2015 and 2017
Washingtonian Magazine
Voted TOP DOC Washingtonian Magazine 2015

Dr. Ashraf Sabahat graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College and has over 20 years of medical practice. Dr. Sabahat specializes in managing neck and back pains, along with a range of other conditions. You can view all his areas of expertise on his page.

3. Check Your Insurance Network

Your health insurance provider has a network of approved primary care doctors, specialists and clinics. Selecting from among the Maryland pain specialists this way also minimizes the risk of incurring costs that are not covered.

SAPNA accepts Aetna, Blue Cross, Medicare, United Healthcare – see other insurance plans accepted.

4. Identify Pain Specialists that Treat Chronic Back Pain

An estimated 16 million U.S. adults experience chronic back pain. If this is an issue, it is important to choose a pain management center that has pain doctors experienced in diagnosing the source of chronic back pain and can develop an effective treatment plan.


5. Research Online

There are many online resources designed to assist people with locating pain and spine specialists in Maryland that are conveniently located. In particular, check health directories and medical association websites. These sites often have additional information, like specialty and contact information.

6. Read Reviews

Patient reviews can be helpful. They often provide insights into a doctor’s treatment approach and how well it worked. There is a note of caution though. Treating chronic pain can be complex, and not all patients experience the degree of pain relief they expect. Sometimes people leave unfair, poor reviews. You should read reviews on more than one source.

You can view SAPNA patient tesimonials on this page.

7. Schedule a Consultation

Once the name of a pain specialist or pain management center is identified, you can schedule a consultation. A consultation is an opportunity to explain the pain experienced and ask questions about the treatment approach. During the consultation, determine if the physician is a good listener and communicates clearly about things like treatment options.

8. Review Available Treatment Options

There are many types of treatments used to address pain. You want to select a pain management center that offers a variety of treatments. Treatment options include trigger point injections, spinal steroid injections, and physical therapy, for example.

At Spine & Pain Clinic of North America many pain treatment options are available:

See the full list of treatment options.

9. Remember to Consider Location

Any pain treatment plan will require multiple visits to the physician and perhaps other medical professionals, like physical therapists. It is crucial to keep every appointment, barring unexpected events like severe weather. Choose a center for pain management in Maryland that is easy to travel to on a regular basis.

10. Ask About Communication Methods

Today, many pain management centers and pain and spine specialists use tech-based technology tools for communication, like texts, patient portals, telehealth, etc. You should inquire about the communication process to determine if it makes staying in contact easy when you want to make an appointment or you have questions or need assistance between appointments.

Give Careful Thought to Your Choice of Maryland Pain Specialists

It is important to give careful thought to your choice of a pain management center in Maryland. Pain management is an ongoing process, whether it is acute or chronic. You want a Maryland pain and spine specialist who develops an individualized pain management plan and works with you to help you regain control of your life.

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