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Can Weight Loss Help to Relieve Back Pain?

Published on 27th May 2019
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Can Weight Loss Help to Relieve Back Pain?

Losing weight, even a few pounds, can have a positive outcome on relieving back pain. Medical experts agree that weight loss should be a priority in pain control for patients experiencing back pain.

Fitness and weight loss

The Back Pain and its Connection with Weight Loss

Extra body weight places excessive strain on the muscles, ligaments, and spinal cord. The body compensates for the excess weight by changing the alignment in the core area and putting undue pressure on the spine, ligaments, and muscles supporting it — medical research continues to support the connection between back pain and obesity. 

Extra body weight influences on the spinal cord

Losing Weight with Back Problems

The path to losing weight when experiencing back pain is a vicious circle. Exercise can be difficult and painful when incorporating a weight treatment for back pain. Evaluation of lifestyle habits and effectively working on changing negative daily habits can be the first step in attempting to lose weight while experiencing back pain.

Important Tips for Losing Weight

There are a few key factors that must be dealt with when taking positive steps to lose weight. They include:

  • Start with low-impact exercises such as swimming or walking.
  • Count the daily calories and be aware of portions.
  • Obtain diet and meal preparation information on low-fat meals.
  • Keep a sleep log on length and quality of sleep. Evaluate the condition of the mattress used for sleep.

The smallest changes in exercise and diet for pain relief can result in a noticeable reduction in discomfort. When some of the pain is relieved, exercising and moving becomes more comfortable, and back pain begins to improve.

How to Locate and Work on Specific Areas of Back Pain

Can weight cause lower back pain? Can belly fat cause back pain? Yes, weight and belly fat are major contributing factors in back pain, especially lower back pain. The pelvic area and the lower spine will improperly adjust to the added weight in the belly, and overall excessive body weight will put pressure on the spinal column. Low-impact exercise targeting the lower back and belly areas are proven ways to reduce the lower back pain associated with carrying excess weight in the belly area.

Man suffering from low back pain

How to Start Losing Weight?

Knowing the need to lose weight and doing it can be a complicated process. Support from professionals and obtaining quality information on diet and exercise can be a positive first step. Other helpful facts on exercise and weight loss include:

  • Talk to a primary medical provider on the steps to losing weight.
  • Set an obtainable target weight.
  • Join one or several types of exercise programs. Aerobic swimming programs and yoga classes can be very beneficial.

Support from others in exercise classes can also be a positive step in starting to exercise and lose weight. Moving and changes to diet can be the start of losing weight and relieving back pain.

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