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Hip Joint Arthritis

Arthritis can occur and cause inflammation in the joints of the body.
Hip Joint Arthritis

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Hip Joint Arthritis

Arthritis can occur and cause inflammation in the joints of the body. Movement can become painful, and swelling can also occur. Cartilage or the “shock absorber” of the joint can break down causing motion in that joint to become painful. When the hip joint is affected, pain when walking is a noted symptom.

What is Hip Joint Arthritis?

Cartilage tissue in a joint can break down over time. The large joint in the hip supports body weight and assists in motion when walking or running. When the cartilage tissue begins to deteriorate there is a noticeable pain when walking or bearing body weight.

What Causes Hip Joint Arthritis?

There is no specific cause of hip joint arthritis, but there are several factors that may be noted in patients that experience this type of arthritis. Some of the reasons for hip joint arthritis are:

  • Injury to the hip joint.
  • Carrying excessive body weight.
  • Increasing age of a patient.
  • Activities that cause increased weight or movement on the hip joint.

What are the Symptoms of Hip Joint Arthritis?

A discussion with your physician is needed if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Joint pain or stiffness after sitting for long periods of time.
  • Crunching or grinding feeling or sound in the hip joint.
  • Inability to walk without pain.
  • Activities such as putting on shoes and socks are difficult.

How is Hip Joint Arthritis Treated?

Improving mobility is the primary treatment goal for treating arthritis of the hip joint. The following are used to treat arthritis of the hip joint:

  • Losing weight to take pressure off of the hip joint.
  • Medications for decreasing inflammation and reducing pain.
  • Using a cane as a mobility device to assist with walking and standing.
  • Surgery
  • Cortisone injection hip joint arthritis.

Another cause of hip joint arthritis that may occur is septic arthritis hip joint. Septic arthritis is inflammation of a large joint, such as the hip, caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. Elderly adults and young children are vulnerable to acquiring septic arthritis hip joint. Individuals with preexisting conditions that lower the immune system and those with open wounds are also at higher risk for septic arthritis.

Discussing hip inflammation and joint pain with your physician is very important. Early diagnosis and treatment will always help avoid further complications and severe injury.

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