3 Things You May Not Know About Yourself Before a Pain Management Consultation

When people are driven to seek a pain management consultation, it usually indicates a desperate search for relief from unrelenting pain. However, it is important to recognize there are things you may not know about yourself, and increasing self-knowledge about pain can make a visit to our spine and pain clinic in Fairfax, VA more productive.

Following are three important facts to keep in mind about yourself.

1. Your pain may be emanating from an unexpected source

pain may be emanating from an unexpected source

Pain is an elusive medical condition to pinpoint at times because there are several possible sources. You may have pain in your legs and not know the cause of the pain is actually in the spine. An irritated lumbar nerve can cause pain to travel along the sciatic nerve, causing pain along the back of the legs or the front of the thigh. Professionals at our pain management clinic will work to pinpoint the actual source of pain in order to treat the problem and not the symptom.

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2. It might be a fear that is stopping you from visiting a pain management clinic

People imagine many things when they get to the point where they begin to consider seeking the services of a pain clinic. You may not be aware you are making false assumptions like:

  • The spine doctor is going to insist on surgery (False!)
  • Most of the health insurances Northern Virginia residents have are not going to cover treatments (False!)
  • There is no way to treat my pain caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis, other than through powerful addictive drugs (False!)
  • My lower back pain will improve with plenty of bed rest, so visiting a pain specialist is a waste of time and money(False!)

fear that is stopping you from visiting a pain management clinic

The reality is that professionals in Spine and Pain Clinic in Fairfax, VA will only suggest spine surgery if it is the best option, given the source of pain, and likely to bring results. However, the health insurance will usually cover a variety of pain evaluations and treatments conducted at a pain clinic. There are many pain treatments available today, and bed rest is not one of them.

You may not realize you are making critical decisions based on myths or false assumptions about pain sources and treatments.

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3. You have a belief that your pain is a natural consequence of aging

have to live with pain, and pain from aging is not your destiny

Growing older does not mean you have to live with pain. There are many pain management treatments that, coupled with exercise and a healthy diet, can help you live a relatively pain-free life. A pain specialist can suggest a variety of possible treatments that include physical therapy, mild medications, steroid injections, surgery, selective nerve blocks and more. The large variety of pain relief options means most people do not have to live with pain, and pain from aging is not your destiny.

Do Not Let Pain Control Your Life

Patients at Spine & Pain Clinic in Fairfax, VA quickly discover they are taking an important step towards taking control of their pain, rather than letting pain control their lives. You may not know yourself as well as you think you do if you are living in pain. A spine doctor or pain specialist can help you reduce, eliminate or manage pain so you can enjoy all that life offers. The first step is to schedule a pain management consultation.

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